Are XDR System replacing SIEM?

Are XDR System replacing SIEM?

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) systems and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems share some similarities, but they are not exactly the same and do not necessarily replace each other.

XDR systems are a newer technology that is designed to provide organizations with a more comprehensive view of their security posture by collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, such as endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. XDR systems are focused on automating the incident response process and providing real-time threat detection and response capabilities.

SIEM systems, on the other hand, focus on collecting and analyzing log data from a variety of sources such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint devices to provide a comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture and identify potential threats.

While XDR systems are being adopted to enhance the security posture of an organization, SIEM systems still have its own unique value in providing visibility, correlation, and threat hunting capabilities. Organizations that have adopted XDR systems often still use SIEM systems in parallel to provide deeper visibility and forensic capabilities.

In conclusion, XDR and SIEM systems have different use cases, but they can complement each other. While XDR systems provide real-time threat detection and response capabilities, SIEM systems provide deeper visibility, correlation and forensic capabilities. Organizations can use both XDR and SIEM systems together to enhance their overall security posture and protect against cyber-threats.

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