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Cost effective and Simple SIEM and Unified Threat Management Platform

UTMStack® is a Unified Threat Management Platform that delivers all essential security services. It includes threat detection and response, compliance management, log management (SIEM), vulnerability management, network/host IDS/IPS, Asset Discovery, Endpoint Protection, Identity Management, Incident Response, File Classification, Dark Web Monitoring, and threat Intelligence. UTMStack is designed for hybrid environments and can be easily deployed across different cloud environments Simpler and Cost-Effective UTMStack stands for Unified...

UTMStack in the Cloud

We all have heard the term ¨Cloud computing¨, or simply ¨The Cloud¨. It sounds distant, isolated, especially when you look at the meaning in a dictionary: A white or gray mass in the sky that is made of many tiny drops of water. You have a feeling of Remoteness and Inaccessibility, which is understandable due to the location of the...

SIEM and Compliance

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system and compliance standards are closely linked to ensure that companies implement the best cybersecurity practices. In essence, the regulatory compliance schemes do not demand the SIEM tools to gain compliance and pass certification audits. However, SIEM is critical to handle compliance for its ability to aggregate, correlate and analyze logs data from multiple...

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