Is Your Computer Secure Enough 4 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is Important

Is Your Computer Secure Enough? 4 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is Important

Are you using the right techniques to protect your computer from a cyber-attack? Cybercrime can affect a variety of computer systems, network infrastructures as well as communication devices You might think that your computer system is not at risk for cybercrime until the inevitable occurs. A cyber-attack can easily happen when you’re not fully prepared to protect your data or computer. Keep...

Know These Key Terms In Unified Threat Management

Know These Key Terms In Unified Threat Management

In some ways, cybersecurity is very much about words. The descriptors and labels that experts use have meanings that apply to the tough work of keeping systems safe.   To put this another way, key technologies and algorithms work on complex concepts and ideas. Understanding these is a major key toward becoming effective at cybersecurity oversight in your organization.   With that in...

Free SIEM solution to simplify cybersecurity management and compliance.

According to Verizon's 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, about 58% percent of cyber-attacks target small and medium-sized businesses. However, 60% of those companies tend to close their doors within six months of a cyber incident. The key reason is that most SMEs can't afford the exorbitant price tags of multiple cybersecurity tools. Mention also the learning curve that comes with...

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