Cyber Security Services for a Safer Environment

Cyber Security Services for a Safer Environment

According to cyber threats proliferate today, cyber security services acquire more demand for companies. Generally, services provide the means to defend organizations against cyber-attacks to maintain a secure environment. Many providers offer a range of services in the market, from penetration tests on networks to incident response consulting. However, IT security is not reaching all companies for its high cost, principally to small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, the current event is a case to resolve to help SMBs prevent future cyber-attacks and protect their assets.

No matter how small your company is, you cannot believe it will not be an attack target. Also, SMBs must implement cybersecurity tools and services to keep themself secure according to their needs and financial resources.

Once described the situation, the recent article will resume the best cyber security services according to top providers. However, the list not only collects the best services if not also the best choice for SMBs.

Top cyber security services by providers


UTMStack is a free Next-Gen SIEM and compliance platform that includes all essential cybersecurity services for SMBs. Generally, organizations looking for HIPAA, GPDR, ISO, SOC, and GLBA compliance can find a solution with the tool. In addition, UTMStack is the most rentable provider to protect small and medium-sized enterprises from cyber-attacks.

UTMStack Dashboard

Cyber security services by UTMStack

  1. SOC as a Service.
  2. Dark Web Monitoring.
  3. Vulnerability Assessment.
  4. Penetration Testing.
  5. Log Management and correlation (SIEM).
  6. Compliance Management.
  7. Identity Management.
  8. Incident Response.
  9. Vulnerability Management.

AlienVault USM

AlienVault USM is a cybersecurity management platform that unifies companies’ security and compliance controls into one dashboard. Moreover, it offers services to any organization, but its prices are usually higher for SMBs. However, here you can learn more about its services.

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AlienVault USM Dashboard

Cyber security services by AlienVault USM

  1. Strategy and Roadmap Planning.
  2. Enterprise Security Assessment Services.
  3. Risk-Based Cyber Posture Assessment.
  4. Security Compliance.
  5. Vulnerability Scanning.
  6. Penetration Testing.
  7. Adversary Simulation Services.
  8. Cybersecurity IQ Training.
  9. Incident Response Services.


IBM‘s cyber-security services provide solutions to detect and respond to cyber-attacks. Usually, they can analyze security events in real-time to detect threats before reaching their target. In turn, its services are at the top, but their prices are more affordable for large companies with higher profitability.

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IBM QRadar Dashboard

Cyber security services by IBM

  1. Security Strategy, Risk, and Compliance Services.
  2. Zero Trust Services.
  3. Application Security Services.
  4. Data Security Services.
  5. Identity and Access Management Services.
  6. Infrastructure and Endpoint Services.
  7. Incident Response and Intelligence Services.
  8. Security Intelligence Operations and Consulting Services.
  9. Threat Management Services.
  10. Managed Detection and Response.
  11. Cloud Security Services.


Companies need specific protection to keep their digital assets safe and far away from cyber threats. Fortunately, cyber security services are an excellent option to assess vulnerabilities and determine security breaches. Nevertheless, many services are expensive depending on the provider, but they are the safest support to protect organizations in real-time. Also, cybersecurity services are another solution when companies don’t have enough financial resources to implement a complete product. Therefore, if your company has relevant solvency, choose the cybersecurity services provider more according to your needs. However, if you are a PYMES, it’s advisable to hire providers like UTMStack that offers essential services at a cost-effective.

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