Free SIEM solution to simplify cybersecurity management and compliance.

Free SIEM solution to simplify cybersecurity management and compliance.

According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, about 58% percent of cyber-attacks target small and medium-sized businesses. However, 60% of those companies tend to close their doors within six months of a cyber incident. The key reason is that most SMEs can’t afford the exorbitant price tags of multiple cybersecurity tools. Mention also the learning curve that comes with mastering different applications.

Currently, only large corporations, the profitable enough ones, have the luxury of protecting their organizations from cyber-attacks efficiently. Unfortunately, multiple cybersecurity tools, including some free SIEM tools, cost a small fortune. UTMStack launched on December 29, 2019, the FIRST free SIEM solution and compliance cybersecurity toolset in Miami. This free SIEM solution offers the essential security services needed to protect a company from cyber-attacks without tearing the wallet.


Alert Overview
Free SIEM solution. Active Directory Overview by UTMStack


The launch of UTMStack is a pretty remarkable event in the enterprise cyber-security scene, as it is for the first time that an entire cybersecurity platform is available to businesses for free. Titled “UTMStack,” the toolset represents a comprehensive, unified threat management platform. The innovative free SIEM product includes a Compliance platform aiming to democratize cybersecurity and make multiple available tools affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

How did the free Siem product come about?

Cybersecurity should not be an expensive luxury: Small and medium-sized enterprises have the right to defend themselves against threatening cyber threats. It’s high time to democratize cybersecurity protection to ensure that SMEs have access to security against cyber threats. And this is where our product comes to help.” -Stated UTMStack’s chief spokesman Ricardo Valdes.

This tool is at the forefront because it is the first to make good cybersecurity a reality for small and medium-sized businesses. With UTMStack in the arsenal, small and medium businesses will prevent cyber incidents and comply with HIPAA, GLBA, and SOC regulations. In other words, UTMStack will improve the sustainability ratio for small and medium-sized businesses in a big way.


SOC Monitoring View
Free SIEM solution. Manage Alert by UTMStack


UTMStack is a single Unified Threat Management Platform that bundles several security tools. This toolset simplifies and effectively manages all essential cyber security services needed. Besides that, it comprises all essential security tools, including but not limited to:

What are security tools more relevant in UTMStack?

The tools stacked here combine into a centralized correlation & classification engine backed by Classic rule-based and AI technology engines to support threat detection and incident response functions.

Who can implement the free SIEM product?

The innovative SIEM is designed for PYMES with hybrid infrastructures, where users can quickly deploy it across diverse cloud and on-premises environments.

Therefore, this toolset delivers a bundle that is always more cost-efficient and simpler to use. That’s why this solution doesn’t have a comparison to shelling out your money for personal security tools.



Free SIEM solution. Dashboards by UTMStack


Benefits of free SIEM product

The spokesperson stressed that regular cyber-security tools are not only expensive, but it’s also a tedious affair to learn the operation of each of the tools individually. Compared to them, UTMStack follows an easier learning curve and comes with detailed documentation.

While approached about the safety quotient of the UTMStack, the spokesperson guaranteed a secured operation. Per his statements, the new cyber-security toolset is mainly composed of open-source components where the code can be audited easily by any expert. Besides, the free SIEM solution UTMStack is backed by a bustling community of pro developers and seasoned security analysts.

If you are wondering, how come a state-of-the-art security toolset like UTMStack is free of cost? I want to explain that it’s courtesy of our sponsors and massive community. This particularity enables us to keep the pricing down and provide SMEs with an easy-to-use, highly efficient comprehensive tool bundle to help keep cyber-attacks at bay. Even it’s so highly affordable that it can be free of charge if a business decides to use the Community version and surprisingly cheap if enterprise version, including support and additional perks for $975 a year.

Regarding extending and customizing the solution, most toolset components can be edited or created using “no-code required” dashboards and module builders. Put; it can be easily extended using its technology or an API for more advanced integrations.

The robust dashboard and report builder is designed to personalize the user’s monitoring experience and help with advanced compliance auditing and reporting.

SIEM product weaknesses

UTMStack’s installation can be a nightmare for non-technical folks. And even though the platform runs on Containers, it is only supported on Linux. However, the team has a detailed installation guide with step-by-step instructions for tech-savvy users who want to try it out.

Some companies under the UTMStack’ protection

According to Spoiler alert: The application seems inclined towards supporting the financial and healthcare industries as most of their current users are banks and healthcare-related institutions.

Details about UTMStack company

UTMStack, Based in Miami, is a leading tech firm dedicated to developing, integrating, and improving cybersecurity solutions. The company is backed by a team of seasoned Java, Python, JavaScript developers, and cybersecurity engineers who are all set out to redefine the current cybersecurity scene and for the better. At its core, UTMStack believes in democratizing the scene of cybersecurity so that small and medium-sized companies can easily afford all primary cybersecurity tools in one unified, convenient and economical bundle.