A SIEM solution is a Security Information and Event Management system that facilitates IT professionals’ cybersecurity management. Broadly speaking, the SIEMs that include AI-powered event correlation collects and analyze logs data from different sources to monitor the IT environment’s health, identify threats, respond to incidents in real-time, notify security alerts, and generate compliance reports.

However, it’s no secret to anyone that a SIEM tool implementation entails a high investment of time, effort, and money. The costs associated with the enterprise license, annual support, software maintenance, and the qualified personnel to manage it make SIEM unaffordable for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). That’s why the free SIEM has recently grown in their popularity.

Free SIEM for businesses

Most of the best SIEM tools include a free trial allowing clients to get their feet wet and see if they would like to continue using the product. Even so, it’s not enough time to guarantee small and mid-sized businesses’ cyber protection in the long term.

UTMStack is a free SIEM solution, also referred to as Free Next-Gen SIEM, that delivers a free edition to any company interested in cybersecurity. The free SIEM has been designed to give companies the ability to protect themselves from all types of cyber-attacks. This advantage delivers profitability to companies by reducing the total cost of ownership (CTO).

The UTMStack platform collects and integrates security-related information from an IT infrastructure. That logs data is correlated and analyzed in real-time to reveal patterns of activity that may indicate an intrusion attempt. Unlike other free SIEM, UTMStack is not open source. Nevertheless, most application integration used by UTMStack to handle and analyze data is.

Features of UTMStack

UTMStack covers in the free version the same features as in its enterprise on-premise version:

  • Number of data sources: Unlimited
  • Updates: Monthly UTMStack engine updates
  • Multitenancy: Supported
  • Log Management
  • Identity management
  • Dashboard and Report Builder
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Asset Scanner and Manager
  • Incident Response
  • HIDS and NIDS
  • Compliance Management
  • File Tracking and Classification
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Cloud Monitoring (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Endpoint Protection integration

However, the free SIEM presents some limitations in its free edition in terms of:

  • Log retention only for 30 days, which means that companies can not generate compliance reports.
  • It does not include technical support. The support is offered by the Community, forums, and documentation.

Therefore, if your company is looking to meet compliance standards, it’s recommended to purchase the cost-effective enterprise on-premise version or adopt cloud SIEM. Keep in mind that UTMStack stands out in the industry for democratizing cybersecurity through its free SIEM and cost-effective versions (on-premise and SaaS).

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