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In the last couple of years, there has been a general improvement in much of the world’s economic prospects. However, there has been a decline in the per capita income of several developing countries.

As service providers, we at UTMVAULT understand the economic challenges we face in today’s world. However, the validation of IT systems’ security within each organization should not fall victim to the times despite the choices that must be taken to uphold the institutional viability within each organization.

Our qualified staff have, over the years, acquired experience in performing IT review and testing services as well as working on security assessment of internal networks and systems in over one hundred financial institutions across the world.

Based on our experience with the aforementioned financial institutions, we have been able to see a variety of prices and descriptions of “penetration testing services,” ranging from the use of simple tools to multi-layered tests on the penetration and exploitation of the vulnerabilities found, entailing days or weeks of work. This, in turn, has allowed us to notice how prices can dramatically vary with respect to the different service providers.

It was the understanding of the above that inspired us to create UTMStack, a product that would offer the same quality service at a price much less than the industry standard. This allows us to be able to stand against the market’s competition yet at the same time provide an invaluable service. Taking all aspects into account, we made a decision to value our “penetration testing service” at a price of only $ 995

In order to clear any possible doubts you may have regarding the “penetration testing service” we offer, the following is a compiled list of the most frequently asked questions that usually come from our clientele. Also, please feel free to go through our terms and conditions for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This service is a test designed to detect vulnerabilities against external penetration, which may or may not exploit the vulnerabilities detected during the process. This covers up to 25 IP (Internet Protocol) addresses owned or controlled by your organization. In order to implement this service, you must assign it to the IP addresses on which you want the tests to be performed. These will be performed using our automated testing solutions toolkit.

In IT security jargon, the term ‘penetration test’ is used to refer to tests that are run on a system with the aim of actively detecting vulnerabilities. A penetration test can be exploitative or non-exploitative. A non-exploitative test is one where the penetration test only goes as far as discovering the system’s vulnerabilities and later on informs your organization as to the presence of those vulnerabilities, an exploitative test on the other hand is one that goes a little further beyond the mere detection of vulnerabilities. It demonstrates the ways in which an external entity might be able to exploit your organization’s vulnerabilities.

The representative tools we have used with our customers include Metasploit, OWASP, among others that come preinstalled inside the Kali Linux distribution we use for our tests. The tool or tools that are selected to perform the task may vary and are suited to the organization’s respective security specialist or expert’s perception, since they are accurately assessed according to the environment in which they are going to be used. As a rule, we will only use subscription-based tools, to guarantee the updating of files and consequently, ease the detection of recently arisen vulnerabilities.

As a general rule of thumb and in line with good maintenance practices, it is recommended that organizations perform a penetration test after any change in the configuration of their security servers, or as a result of the installation of any wording, e.g. newly acquired foreign hardware. An external penetration test is the only way to effectively verify that the said changes did not result in the creation of new vulnerabilities. Our $995 service fee covers the performance of a single test at a time of your choosing. We also offer more frequent testing intervals at a discounted price per test performed. Periodic testing for external penetration also has the advantage of demonstrating the efficacy of your systems’ general monitoring programs in front of regulating authorities.

Looking at the variability of existing prices for this service and the existing competitiveness, we decided to create an offer that could compete with the market, based on the value and needs of the institutions. We think that setting the price at $ 995, serves to be competitive and affordable for our customers, especially considering the current economic climate.

After a penetration testing is performed and the client fixes the vulnerabilities found, we can perform an additional penetration testing to determine if the fixes applied resolved the vulnerabilities reported.

The Penetration testing will not only include details of critical vulnerabilities but also recommendations of best practices and a list of all tests performed.