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Essential SIEM Correlation Rules for Compliance

Technology has come a long way from when 3 incorrect login attempts were used to indicate a malicious person getting access to your network. These days systems and networks, especially commercial ones, collect vast amounts of logs. In fact, on more than one occasion we've seen tools where the log files take up considerably more space than the actual software itself. This...

Free SIEM and Compliance Toolset

58% percent of cyber-attacks target small to medium businesses, and 60% of those businesses will close their doors within six months. Cybersecurity is important and it's a challenge many businesses are having to adapt to. However, acquiring all the tools needed to protect an organization fully can be an expensive process, not to mention the learning curve that comes with...

Top 5 Free SIEM tools of 2022?

By Cameron Dickerson In this digital age, companies must use robust cybersecurity solutions to prevent cyber-attacks and identify on time possible threats. Free SIEM tools track the person’s every click and ensure that they are not accessing any risky content. They also prevent hackers from accessing its data by keeping it encrypted so that outsiders cannot access it. This article provides you...

Ricardo Valdes discusses cybersecurity and UTMStack

BY JOSEPH HALL ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 Ricardo Valdes is the founder and CEO of the AI cybersecurity company, UTMStack. For them, cybersecurity is no luxury and should be a necessity for all business types and industries. Their mission is simple: to democratize cybersecurity solutions and services by making them available at competitive prices. More than 60% of entities go out...

UTMStack in the Cloud

We all have heard the term ¨Cloud computing¨, or simply ¨The Cloud¨. It sounds distant, isolated, especially when you look at the meaning in a dictionary: A white or gray mass in the sky that is made of many tiny drops of water. You have a feeling of Remoteness and Inaccessibility, which is understandable due to the location of the...

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