Unified Threat Management Platform

UTMSTACK® is a Unified Threat Management platform that aims to simplify Cybersecurity and reduce its cost by merging multiple tools into one Stack.

Some features included in UTMSTACK are:

Log Management

Security information and event management. Collect, store and correlate log data, and use in compliance reports.

Incident Response

Remotely manage your environment and respond to attacks right from your dashboard.

Endpoint Protection

Protect endpoints and servers with Advanced Threat Protection

Vulnerability Management

Active and passive vulnerability scanners for early detection, with of the box reports for compliance audits.

NIDS/HIDS, Endpoint Protection

Intrusion Prevention Systems and Advance Threat Protection powered by AI and real time threat intelligence.


GPDR, GLBA, HIPAA, SOC and ISO compliance reports and dashboards.

Identity Management

Track and manage accounts access and permission changes. Get alerted when suspicious activity happens.

Dark Web Monitoring

We keep searching the Dark Web for compromised users or PII data from your organization.

File Classification

Keep track of changes and access to classified information.

Physical Appliance

Running on your own datacenter? No problem. UTMStack was built for Hybrid environments. Whether you are on the cloud or in your own datacenter, all UTM features are available.

More than one appliance might be required for monitoring the entire infrastructure.

Virtual Appliance Built for the Cloud

Monitor almost any cloud environment or SaaS application with ready to use Integrations. UTMStack is currently integrated with Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Integrated with SaaS and PaaS such as Office365 and AWS Lamda.

UTMStack can also receive or pull logs from multiple sources such as syslog, APIs, Webservice, etc.

Customer Support

24/7 Costumer Service and Technical Support.

Cloud Ready

Integrates with PaaS, SaaS and all Major Cloud Vendors

Cost Effective

Save with single Stack of tools.


Save the time and effort by learning a single platform instead of multiple tools.

We're not the only ones happyexcited about UTMStack...

119+ customers in 3 continents use UTMStack to keep their Data safe.