UTMStack Unveils Commercial License for its Correlation Engine and SDK: A Boon for Organizations Developing SIEM or XDR Solutions

UTMStack Unveils Commercial License for its Correlation Engine and SDK: A Boon for Organizations Developing SIEM or XDR Solutions

In a significant move to empower organizations in bolstering their security infrastructure, UTMstack has announced the commercialization of its Correlation Engine and Software Development Kit (SDK) under a commercial license. This strategic initiative paves the way for organizations aiming to develop their own Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions by leveraging the state-of-the-art features embedded in the UTMstack’s platform.

The UTMstack’s correlation engine stands out with its capability to analyze data before ingestion, thereby maximizing real-time correlation​1​. The core advantage of utilizing this engine lies in its extremely fast threat detection and response times, which are crucial in today’s cyber-threat landscape​2​. The engine is also adept in mitigating false positive conditions, which is a significant advantage in reducing alert fatigue among security personnel. Moreover, the ease of modifying correlation rules with just a few clicks makes it a user-friendly tool for security teams.

Here’s a glimpse into the notable features of UTMstack that organizations can harness through the SDK:

  1. Log-based Intrusion Detection: Actively monitors and analyzes data from multiple log data points in real-time, providing a robust foundation for identifying potential threats promptly.
  2. Brute-Force Attack Detection: Equipped to detect attempts aimed at breaking user credentials by performing massive requests, thus providing an essential layer of security against unauthorized access.
  3. Denial of Services Prevention: Mitigates the risks associated with denial of service attacks by effectively managing overflowing requests, ensuring the availability and reliability of applications and systems​3​.
  4. IOC detection with Threat Intelligence: detect indicators of compromise linked to malware, malicious IPs, code, files, processes, services and much more.
  5. Automated Incident Responsedefine rules to trigger automated response to alerts.
  6. YML Rule Editor: create custom correlation rules or customize existing rules with simple declarative expressions in plain YML files.

The commercialization of the UTMstack’s correlation engine and SDK under a commercial license is a game changer for enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), especially those venturing into developing their own SIEM or XDR solutions. This move comes in the wake of UTMstack’s transition to an open-source model, further underlining its commitment to fostering a collaborative ecosystem for cybersecurity innovation​4​.

With the availability of UTMstack’s commercial license, organizations now have a powerful toolkit at their disposal to build, enhance, and customize their security solutions, ensuring a more secure and resilient cyber infrastructure.

The decision to venture into commercial licensing is a testament to UTMstack’s relentless pursuit of providing cutting-edge, accessible, and adaptable cybersecurity solutions to a broader spectrum of organizations. This development is indeed a significant stride towards creating a safer and more secure digital realm.

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